Configuration Handling

Madame doesn’t necessarily need a configuration file, but it can be very helpful to create one if you want to change your server’s behaviour.

The configuration file

As Flask, Madame can handle configuration in two ways.

You can choose between one of those two, or use both for one to be more global and the other more specific.

From an environment variable

Create your file wherever you want on your server. Then, you need to create an environment variable called MADAME_SETTINGS and set its value with the path of your file.

$ touch /path/to/your/
$ export MADAME_SETTINGS=/path/to/your/

From the root of your application

Create the file at the root of your application. The file name has to be

$ cd /path/to/your/application
$ touch

Builtin configuration values

You can use all of the Flask configuration values.

Here are some useful values:

Option Description Default value
DEBUG enable/disable debug mode. True
MONGO_HOST The host name or IP address of your MongoDB server. "localhost"
MONGO_PORT The port number of your MongoDB server. 27017
MONGO_USERNAME The user name for authentication. None
MONGO_PASSWORD The password for authentication. None

Madame has also its own values:

Option Description Default value
SCHEMA_FILE describes the name of the schema file. None
ROOT_GET enable/disable GET method on root. True
ROOT_POST enable/disable POST method on root. False
ROOT_DELETE enable/disable DELETE method on root. False
COLLECTION_GET enable/disable GET method on collections. True
COLLECTION_POST enable/disable POST method on collections. False
COLLECTION_PUT enable/disable PUT method on collections. False
COLLECTION_PATCH enable/disable PATCH method on collections. False
COLLECTION_DELETE enable/disable DELETE method on collections. False
ITEM_GET enable/disable GET method on items. True
ITEM_PUT enable/disable PUT method on items. False
ITEM_PATCH enable/disable PATCH method on items. False
ITEM_DELETE enable/disable DELETE method on items. False
ROOT_TITLE sets the root title that is displayed in responses. "Content"
ROOT_DESCRIPTION sets the root title that is displayed in responses. "List of collections"

Madame is an easy-to-use RESTful API for Python and MongoDB. You are currently looking at the documentation of the development version.


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